Martino Pesavento e Figli: wood and its character

Martino Pesavento e Figli creates exclusive high quality custom-made wooden furnishings. With over 50 years of experience in Italian style, it brings the ideas of designers and architects to life, following each project in detail.

A family tradition that, from generation to generation, expresses genuine “Made in Italy”. The company, born from the expertise of master craftsman Martino Pesavento and his great love for wood, is also a mission. In fact, Martino continues to promote craftsmanship as President of the Provincial Training Centre and teacher.

Behind each carving and frieze, executed strictly by hand, lies the art and the craftsmanship of the artisan’s workshop, but also the technological innovation and precision of a modern company. From boiseries in period style to essential furnishing, from classic to contemporary furniture, the company furnishes the interiors of villas and luxury dwellings, as well as the offices and elegant boardrooms of influential companies.

Thanks to the ability of Matteo Pesavento, who has been working at his father’s side for 35 years, the company has become a point of reference for clients and architects during the design phase of their projects. Besides being attentive and always ready to help, Matteo is also involved in social activities and charity work.

A modern factory, with the utmost attention to the safety of its employees and protecting the environment. A personalized service, in which the customer is kept informed during each stage of the work, from drawing up estimates to technical drawings. Barbara Pesavento, who is in charge of administration, always provides prompt and professional solutions to the customer’s requests.

Even the largest works are pre-assembled and checked in the factory before being ready for installation by highly skilled personnel. Its products can be found in important Italian cities like Rome, Venice, Milan and Florence, as well as in the famous resort of Portofino and abroad in countries like Spain, France, Monaco, Switzerland, Romania and Russia.

“There is a story behind every piece of wood, written in its scent, its colour, its grain.
We have learned to recognize and interpret it, to give wood a new and elegant form.”

The solidity and tenderness of wood and the warmth to the touch make it an ideal material. It’s a familiar, poetic substance, perfect for creating habitats with friendly, natural shapes.

For Martino Pesavento e Figli, shaping and working wood doesn’t only mean knowing every kind of wood. It also means knowing how to interpret the character of each type, using its grain, its color and even its scent in order to understand what it wants to be.